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what we do

We supply and setup your company with every IT aspect you might need

…along with a support and troubleshooting period should any issues arise
what we do

Why Node 30?

We help startups be ready for smooth operations.

Based in Cairo, we are helping new Egyptian startups and ideas grow into reality.

Your startup, once was an idea, now on the road to success. You probably had your legal documents taken care of, your office decor all planned out, target set, ready to take off. But did you think of your new company’s IT infrastructure? That’s what we’re here for.

Everything you might need, fit for every budget. From private on or off-site servers, automated backup systems for each and every work computer in place, secure private emails, network setup and configuration along with enterprise grade security in place, all the way to CCTV with wireless access and biometric solutions such facial recognition & fingerprint doors, locks, safes, and employee attendance units. We will handle it all for you, in record time, yet with great care, by professionals who truly love what they do.

  • Supplying, installing, and configuring all the hardware needed for operation
  • Installtion and configuration of a private email server
  • Installation and configuration of a secure automated backup server
  • Secure local network creation
  • Installation of a network firewall
  • Computer and system speed optimization
  • Setting up and configuring G-Suite or Office 365 Enterprise on a MS Exchange Server
  • Creation of a local database with its security and encryption algorithms
  • Installation of a complete accounting and invoicing system

Record Speed

You will launch in no time! We work quickly, but with great care.


All the hardware and software which will be implemented in your systems are genuine and legally purchased

Your Privacy Matters

Everything done on-site falls under our privacy policy, and we are willing to sign NDAs if required.

Support & Troubleshooting

Once a job is completed, we can provide a period of support & troubleshooting for anything IT which might arise.


We’ve Got You Covered

Who Are We

Who are we?

We are a multinational team of IT and technology lovers

Operating under the umbrella of Lageria LLC founded by Captain Moemen Shahawy and led by its IT manager, Rose Djauhari

Who Are We


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